The Curating Cities Database maps the increasingly important and emerging field of eco-sustainable public art. It is developed as a resource for researchers, academics, artists, curators, educators, commissioning agencies and sponsors working in the field as well as those interested in promoting sustainability via public art. In addition to descriptive information, the database evaluates the aims and outcomes of each project as well as the external constraints (and subsequent negotiations) that influence the production of public artworks.
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Supercyclers (Plastic Fantastic) : Liane Rossler and Sarah K
Supercyclers (Plastic Fantastic)
Liane Rossler and Sarah K
Working with recycled plastic bags, Liane Rossler and Sarah K founders of Supercyclers, created an innovative series of homeware designs and an eco-sustainable business model.
Reincarnated McMansion : Mathieu Gallois
Reincarnated McMansion
Mathieu Gallois
Reincarnated McMansion is an interdisciplinary project spanning the fields of contemporary art, architecture and town planning, concerned with strategies around sustainability. Initiated in 2008 by Sydney-based artist and architect Mathieu Gallois, it aims to tackle unsustainable building practices in the Australian suburbs.
This database is developed by the National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) at COFA, UNSW in association with the City of Sydney and Carbon Arts as part of the Australian Research Council ARC linkage project Curating Cities.